The Ultimate Gaming Upgrade of Vivo NEX Showcased at the PUBG MOBILE Club Open

The Ultimate Gaming Upgrade of Vivo NEX Showcased at the PUBG MOBILE Club Open

Vivo brings the game changing mobile Vivo nex for the best gaming experience. Vivo’s game-changing smartphone NEX now comes equipped with the latest Multi- Turbo and Turbo Mode which empowered the top 16 teams at the Spring Split of PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO).
The event took place this weekend in Berlin and all the 16 finalists were, in fact, using the Vivo NEX in the grand finale. This shows the power of the Multi-Turbo engine and the Turbo mode available in the NEX smartphones.
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Vivo Multi-Turbo Engine to ensure a smooth-running gaming experience

NEX features the Vivo Multi-Turbo Engine to deliver optimum performance even during the most intense mobile gameplay. It combines several turbo features including: Game Turbo, Center Turbo, Cooling Turbo and AI Turbo to ensure the smoothest possible gaming experience.

‘Game Turbo’ connects to the game performance SDK to enable optimizations specific to a number of popular mobile games including PUBG MOBILE.
‘Center Turbo’ prioritizes CPU and internal storage resources to ensure maximum performance for games even when there are multiple applications running simultaneously in the background. This ultimately reduces FPS drops by 78%.
‘Cooling Turbo’ ensures the smartphone does not overheat via cooling and thermal management features when gamers are deep in the heat of battle.
‘AI Turbo’ anticipates resource intensive scenarios and intelligently allocates CPU/GPU power to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Through the support of AI prediction, the startup speed of users’ applications is increased by more than 20% as compared to the original application startup mechanism.

Turbo Mode optimizes display for PUBG MOBILE

Turning on the Turbo mode on NEX activates the display optimization tailored for PUBG MOBILE. Exclusive to NEX as a result of the partnership with PUBG MOBILE, this display optimization feature supports HDR + extreme and delivers a stable high frame rate.

Users can enable the Turbo Mode on PUBG MOBILE application for NEX.

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