Mobile price in Nepal

Mobile price in Nepal

The price list of most of the phones that are available in the Nepali market is listed here.
We keep updating the price of the phone as per the changes.
We do not guarantee Price as Price differ from store to store. Prices are reference purpose only.

OPPO Mobiles Price in Nepal

Model Price in nepal
OPPO Reno 10X Zoom Rs. 89,990 (8/256GB)
OPPO R17 Pro Rs. 75,990
Oppo F11 Avengers Edition Rs. 49,990
Oppo F11 Pro Rs. 47,990 (6/128GB)
OPPO F9 Rs. 37,990(4GB)

Rs. 45,590(6GB)

Oppo F7 Rs. 36,590(4GB) | Rs. 46,590(6GB)
Oppo F11 Rs. 35,490(4/128GB)
Oppo A71 Rs. 15,590(3/16GB)
OPPO A7 Rs. 27,990
OPPO A5s Rs. 19,990(3/32GB)|Rs. 17,990(2/32GB)
OPPO A1k Rs. 14,790
Oppo A3s Rs. 16,990(2/16GB) | Rs. 24,590(3/32GB)

Realme Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Realme 2 Pro Rs. 24,999(4/64GB)
Realme 3 (New) Rs. 23,290(4/64GB)Rs. 16,690(3/32GB)
Realme C1 Rs. 15,499
Realme C2 Rs. 14,290(2/16GB)

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
OnePlus 7 (New) Rs.69,999(8/256GB)
OnePlus 7 Pro Rs. 109,000(12/256GB) | Rs. 99,900(8/128GB) | Rs. 89,900(6/128GB)
OnePlus 6T McLaren Rs. 99,000(10/256GB)
OnePlus 6T Rs. 69,999(Daraz) | Rs. 76,000(6/128GB) | Rs. 80,000(8/128GB)
OnePlus 6 Rs. 65,500(6/64GB) | Rs. 74,500(8/128GB) | Rs. 84,500(8/256GB)
OnePlus 5 Rs. 52,500(6/64GB)

Rs. 58,500(8/128GB)

OnePlus 5T Rs. 49,999

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Vivo V15 Pro Rs. 50,390
Vivo V15 Rs. 41,990
Vivo V11 Pro Rs. 49,490
Vivo V11 Rs. 35,690
Vivo S1(New) Rs. 34,900(6/128GB)
Vivo V9 Rs. 34,640
Vivo Y17 Rs. 29,390
Vivo Y95 Rs. 28,390
Vivo Y85 Rs. 28,390
Vivo V9 Youth Rs. 28,340
Vivo Y15 Rs. 26,290
Vivo Y91 Rs. 25,190
Vivo Y12 (New) Rs. 21,999(3/64GB)
Vivo Y91i Rs. 20,990
Vivo Y81 Rs. 19,990
Vivo Y91c Rs. 16,790
Vivo Y81i Rs. 16,790
Vivo Y71 Rs. 15,790
Vivo Y53 Rs. 14,690

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro(New) Rs. 49,999 (8/256GB)
Xiaomi Redmi K20(New) Rs. 39,999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi MI 8 lite Rs. 31,999 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Rs. 29,999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi MI A2 Rs. 30,999 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (New) Rs. 24,999 (6/64GB)| Rs. 29,000 (6/128GB) | Rs. 34,990 (8/128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs. 24,999 (4/64GB)| Rs. 26,999 (6/64GB)| Rs. 29,999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (New) Rs. 24,999 (3/32GB) | Rs. 28,999 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Rs. 21,999 (3/32GB) |Rs. 24,999 (4/64GB) | Rs. 26,999 (4/128GB)
Xiaomi Note 5 AI Rs. 21,999 (3/32GB) | Rs. 26,499 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Mi A2 lite Rs. 19,999 (3/32GB)|Rs. 24,499 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Y3 Rs. 18,499 (3/32GB)|Rs. 21,499 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Rs. 15,499 (2/16GB)| Rs. 17,499 (3/32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Rs. 15,499 (3/32GB)| Rs. 18,499 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Rs. 14,999 (2/16GB) | Rs. 16,999 (3/32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Rs. 14,999
Xiaomi Redmi 6A Rs. 11,999 (2/16GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Go Rs. 8,999(1/8GB) | Rs. 9,999(1/16GB)